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Life is a series of moments. Small moments, big moments and everything in between. In the Gospel of John, Jesus calls us to abide in him moment-by-moment, but how do we do this? I hear his voice whisper, “Be still and know that I am God.”

To abide is to focus on God and who he is.

It’s in this space that I share my own moments walked out with eyes focused on the one who numbers our days. It’s my hope that together we can learn to be still and experience the sweetness of relationship with the Father who loves us with a perfect love.


Erin Doty // Writer, Reader & Advocate of hope

Erin has a heart for people, especially the lost and brokenhearted. She loves to help people uncover their true identity and purpose in Christ. By day she is an Academic Adviser at a state university, by night she is entertainer, comforter and co-caretaker of her sweet baby girl. Erin has been married to her best friend and love of her life for five years. She’s an indoorsy, introvert who loves deep conversations shared over a cup of black coffee.