Clothed In Contentment

start simple

For a number of years now, God has been teaching me about the beauty of contentment. Like many people, I have a tendency to be discontent. One of the strengths of my personality is also one of the greatest weaknesses: noticing the potential and possibilities in any situation or person.

In every job I’ve held, I’ve had the opportunity to participate, and sometimes initiate, process improvement. Currently, I get to coach students through their higher education experience and help them to live more intentional, authentic lives. This ability to see potential is a great quality to have, and something I actually enjoy most of the time, but it definitely has the potential to shift into discontentment.

A few years ago, my husband and I stumbled upon the concept of minimalism. This was during a time when God kept repeating the word simplicity to me over and over again. Since then, we’ve been on a journey to live more meaningful, intentional lives with less stuff. We want to put our joy, peace, trust, and confidence in God and not consumer purchases and bank account balances.

We want our focus to be on relationships and serving others, rather than working long hours to buy more stuff that we don’t actually need. We long to be intentional about the purchases we make and steward the money that God gives us well.

The most recent adventure in this journey to simplicity was to get my closet down to a small number of items that all work together, also sometimes called a capsule wardrobe. I had so many clothes in my closet that I never wore and didn’t fit. I wanted to have a closet that only contained clothes I actually liked so I could spend less time wondering what to wear in the morning and more time on things I find more important, like playing with my precious daughter.

I realize capsule wardrobes are really popular right now and I wanted to share mine in case it could help someone else in their journey. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll find links to items that are similar to the ones I wear.

So without further ado, my entire wardrobe:


Besides undergarments, this is everything I currently own as far as clothing and accessories goes. I didn’t get here all at once. This has been a slow process of elimination. Here’s the basic summary of my process:

  1. Remove all clothing items that you no longer like (or never liked in the first place)
  2. Try on every piece of clothing and remove the ones that don’t fit
  3. The Hanger Trick: turn all of your hangers around. As you wear clothing items, hang them back up with the hanger facing forward. After 6 months, remove all clothes still facing backward
  4. Fill any holes with thrift store finds
  5. Fill any remaining holes with new purchases

I was still holding onto many pants that didn’t fit hoping I would fit into them someday. These were really the only holes in my wardrobe that needed filling as I only had one pair of pants that actually fit. Anything that was still wearable, I donated to local thrift stores so someone else could get use from it.

This has been one small exercise in contentment that I have journeyed through. I hope it helps you on your own journey.

“Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.'”

Hebrews 13:5

Below I have included links to items that are similar to the ones in my closet. I purchase a lot of my clothes at thrift stores or purchased them years ago so the exact items might not be available:









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