Freebie Friday

freebie friday

Journaling is my favorite way to connect with God and to hear his voice. There’s an amazing, unique relationship between the hand and the brain that is unlike any other. When we take time to write things down it allows us to tap into parts of our brain that would otherwise remain disengaged and silent.

When I was a little girl I journaled every day. I loved any kind of journal. I used blank journals, lined journals, I especially loved journals with fun prompts and lists. I even started to make my own journals by folding computer paper in half and decorating the cover with markers and crayons. I started to create my own prompts and coloring pages.

I remember when God started to use these moments of journaling to whisper to me. I found when I was writing my mind would become quiet. It created space for God’s voice to enter in.

I would love to help others create space for God, to experience the quiet and the calm of listening for his still, small voice. I created this one week journal challenge, Reflections, for anyone looking to continue their journaling journey or start one. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!

Download Reflections Journal Challenge



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