In Pursuit of Perfection

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To the one who feels unloved and alone today, I have a beautiful truth for you:

God loves you.

Rest in that for a moment:

God loves you.

There is nothing you can do in this day that can make God love you any more or any less. He loves you. Period. He loves you with a perfect love. He loves you unconditionally, truly unconditionally. No matter what condition you are in, no matter what you are or are not doing, HE LOVES YOU.

Our culture is one that is hyper-focused on making a name for yourself and proving your worth. But the ways of the world are not his ways. His ways are higher [Isa. 55:8-9].  Nobody else needs to see you. Nobody else needs to think you’re competent, worthy, hard-working or worthwhile. Because he does. He thinks you’re worth dying for [Jn. 3:16].

I feel like a lot of us struggle with perfectionism and trying to do everything for everyone. Oprah calls it “the disease to please”. I’ve definitely had my share of struggle with people-pleasing.

But we’re not called to be people pleasers; we’re called to be God pleasers.

He’s pleased with our attention, not our pursuit of perfection. When we try to be perfect on our own and earn the love we already have, we spit in the face of grace. The enemy tries to distract us with ideas of attaining perfection because when we try to be perfect we are saying that we don’t need Jesus. We don’t need his death. We don’t need his resurrection.

And that’s just not true.

We need his grace every minute of every hour of every day. We can’t be perfect and that’s okay because he doesn’t expect us to be. We have to admit that we’re not perfect and we can’t be perfect. This is the only way to accept the grace of God through Jesus that is freely offered to every single one of us [2 Cor. 2:4-5].

He wants our eyes focused on him. He wants our hearts positioned for grace. It’s in grace, and only in grace, that we are perfect, blameless, pure. It’s nothing we can do or earn because it’s ours already if we’re willing to reach out and accept it.  He came to this earth to bring perfection to us. His perfect love came down and surrounded us.

All he desires is our attention. He wants to be the one we’re in constant communion with throughout our day.

He sees us.

He knows us.

And he longs for us to know him.

“For I am sure that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” 

Romans 8:38 – 39





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